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Each installation fits perfectly. Tarps do not! It is ideal for hazardous material abatement containments. Shrink-Wrap requires less maintenance and offers a tighter seal and superior wind resistance compared to traditional tarping systems. Tarps blow causing chaffing, they rip, and they leak. They also require replacing which increases the cost of their use. Being installed, maintained, and stored by employees increases the cost of using tarps. Shrink wrap reduces your companies expenses as it is durable, does not chaffe, and lasts.


Answering Your Questions ...

Q. What Is Shrink Wrap?
Shrink-Wrap is a puncture resistant, thermo plastic film (polyolefin). Shrink-Wrap shrinks 25% of its surface dimension after heating to form a drum-tight weatherproof barrier around any object, framework, scaffolding or cable system. It also contains hindered amine and ultra violet inhibitors (UVI) to protect against sun damage and Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) to retain elasticity and to prevent brittleness from exposure to extreme cold.

How Does Shrink Wrap Work?
The Shrink-Wrap is heated with a controlled propane flame gun, shrinking and tightening wherever the flame passes over it. Containments can be constructed with zippered access doors, hatches, inspection ports and vents to reduce moisture build up and to accommodate negative air machines. Shrink-Wrap containments are convenient, inexpensive, 100% recyclable and offer long lasting protection from severe weather conditions. They are extremely durable and can be installed as water and airtight. Should Shrink-Wrap become damaged or punctured by job site activity or vandalism it can be easily repaired by our quick response team.

Does Moisture Accumulate Under The Shrink Wrap?
Every shrink wrap cover must be ventilated to eliminate moisture and condensation under the cover. Our self-adhesive shrink wrap vent allows cross flow ventilation throughout the cover minimizing chances of excess moisture and mildew. The number of vents will vary according what you are covering.

Are There Support Structures?
Support structures are very important under shrink wrap storage covers. Simple, yet effective supports give the shrink wrap cover a skeleton to provide strength, so that snow and rain will run off, and wind will not loosen it.

Can The Heat Tool Cause Damage During Installation?
The propane fired shrink wrap guns / tools used in shrink wrapping must be used in accordance with the manufacturer directions. Heat is swept over the shrink wrap cover, almost like spray painting, and is never left on one spot long enough to damage vinyl graphics, paint, gel coat, wood, etc. If the shrink wrap should get a hole, it can be repaired easily.

How Do I Repair A Hole In The Cover?
First, holes are not rare in shrink wrap covers. It is very easy to puncture the material before it is shrunk, conversely, it is easy to repair holes. If it is a small hole, a piece of heat shrink tape will fix it quickly. If it is a larger hole, a scrap of shrink wrap approximately 2” larger than the hole may be taped on the original cover and lightly shrunk.

Is There A Way I Can Get Under The Shrink Wrap Cover During The Storage Season?
Yes! We offer a 30” X 36”, 30” X 48” and 36" x 72" zippered access doors

What Do I Do With My Shrink Wrap After I Remove It?
Shrink wrap is 100% recyclable, and is in high demand in the recycling process. Please recycle it in your own neighborhood. If we are requested to remove the shrink wrap, we always recycle it.