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Wrap-It: Serving All of Western Canada

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Wrap-It® is a mobile shrink wrap company that offers low cost protection for your assets. Shrink wrapping protects your assets from wind, rain, snow, UV and even fire, and is cost effective. We serve Western Canada with 100% mobility 24/7/365. Give us a call today to see just how affordable asset protection can be!

The high cost of assets, and the damage caused by weather increases the need to protect our assets. Anything left outside is exposed to to the elements and left unprotected. Shrink Wrapping has become a global method of protecting these. Our simple, cost effective method keeps your property clean and dry during STORAGE and SHIPPING.

• Items that are wrapped remain clean and dry.
• Goods arrive at their destination in the condition they left in, resulting in happy customers!
• Economical alternative to expensive and limited under cover storage.
• Zippered access doors can be fitted to allow entry inside the cover.
• Work can continue on equipment in winter or in inclement weather.
• Very easy to repair
• Prevents puddles, snow build up, UV damage to gel coats in the case of boats and rubber and plastics etc in the case of industrial equipment.
• Reduces chafe damage to paints, gel coats, varnishes etc as tends to happens with tarpaulins during storage or shipping.
• Reduces weather-related maintenance.
• Reduces Spring clean up.
• No more checking on the boat or equipment every time it blows or rains.
• Vents and mildew packs are used to reduce the moisture and mildew problems that are normally associated with storage.
• 100% recyclable.